BlueCanvas Real LCD Poster

Due to its incredible thickness of only 13.9 mm, BlueCanvas screens can be fitted into any retail space.

Our new branch office in Bitburg

We have opened our new branch office in Bitburg on 1. January 2017.


BARCO ClickShare

With ClickShare, you can share content on your laptop or mobile device with a presentation screen, turning a meeting in a completely new experience with just one click.

BIG PAD by Sharp with capacitive technology


The new Sharp PN-80TC3 does everything a bit differently from conventional touch-screen displays. The display works with capacitive technology as we know it from smartphones and tablets.

Case Study Projekt ABUS

Case Study Projekt ABUS

Learn in our case study how Lucky Look together with mirabyte implemented the concept and the multimedia equipment in the ABUS Security World.

Astonishing illumination

Astonishing illumination

Discover the latest Epson installation projectors on our supplementary website.