BIG PAD by Sharp with capacitive technology

The new Sharp PN-80TC3 does everything a bit differently from conventional touch-screen displays. The display works with capacitive technology as we know it from smartphones and tablets.

Thus the user operates the PN-80TC3 completely intuitive. Therefore, the infrared frame can be omitted.

The capacitive touch technology works with a foil on which an electric field is established over all four corners. The electric field is equally strong over the entire area. Placing one or more fingers on the surface changes the electrical voltage at these locations. Sensors detect the exact position of the touch and process the contact point (s) extremely quickly as a touch point.

Highlights of the PN-80TC3

  • Impressive size: (screen diagonal 80", 203cm)
  • Capacitive touch technology (as known from smartphone and tablet)
  • Combinations of up to 3 displays are possible to form a huge touch surface
  • Operating time: 25/7 (continuous use)
  • Multi-touch (10 touch points)
  • DisplayPort and HDMI connector
  • 10 W stereo speakers integrated
Sharp PN-80TC3

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