Lucky Service

Manufacturers' studies prove that a large number of all charged repairs within the warranty period is caused by contamination in the device. It often happens that repairing a defective projector is no longer feasible. From our experience, most of these damages can be avoided. Many new acquisitions are unnecessary. With care and regular maintenance, these devices would have remained fully functional.

Our tip: For example, have your projector cleaned and checked every six months or after 500 operating hours. This ensures a reliable operation and a brilliant image quality. You are required to depreciate a projector over a certain period – why not make full use of it over this period? By using the above-mentioned care and maintenance suggestions, you will vastly reduce your replacement costs.

Qualified service technicians

For this reason, we place great emphasis on high-quality services. When possible, our technicians carry out all maintenances and repairs on site. We even carry out this work during operation - please discuss the exact procedure with us! An overview of our maintenance work:

In the appendix, you will find a repair form as PDF. Please complete and return it to us. We then assign an RMA no., which you can use to send your projector to us for inspection.

Direct contact to our technicians.